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Merivale Bridge Brisbane

There are scaffolding jobs and then there is this.

Brisbane’s Merivale Bridge needed a sandblast and paint and the work was awarded to FortisEM engineers through Central Scaffolding and Rigging Services.

FortisEM is Townsville-based and won the work in front of an All-Blacks pack of competition based in Queensland’s south-east.

Scaffolding Components

This video show you the common components of a Component Scaffold. Screw Jacks, Standards, Ledgers, Transoms, planks, handrails, mid rails and Toe boards are just a few of the members that you will learn about in this video.

Cape demonstrate

Cape demonstrate how to build a Suspended Scaffold in HAKI Universal with collective fall prevention measures.

Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Most of us would prefer to not work a day or night job. The ideal life would be to just lounge.

Scaffolding in the 1950s and 1960s

An eye-opening look at health and safety (particularly scaffolding) in the 1950s and 1960s!